Only few castles still exist in Japan. All the more it is interesting to go in search for historic clues. This photo collection of Japanese castles on Japanese Cities makes your search for ancient castles and ruins easy.


649 Matsue

Castle in Matsue (松江市):

Matsue (松江城).
Built 1611. Approx. 240.000 stones.
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456-16 Omachi

Ruin in Omachi (大町市):

Mori (森城址).
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503 Joetsu

Ruin in Joetsu (上越市):

Mt. Kasuga castle remains (春日山城跡).
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389-16 Minamata

Ruin in Minamata (水俣市):

Minamata ruins region (水俣城跡地).
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328 Takamatsu

Castle in Takamatsu (高松市):

Takamatsu castle (高松城).
Built 1588.
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050-16 Yokote

Castle in Yokote (横手市):

Yokote park observatory (横手公園展望台).
Built 1965. Approx. 150.000 stones.
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642-16 Koka

Ruin in Koka (甲賀市):

Minakuchi (水口城).
Built 1634. Approx. 20.000 stones.
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225-16 Nemuro

Ruin in Nemuro (根室市):

Nemuro peninsula hill fortress ruins group (根室半島チャシ跡群).
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799 Iwakuni

Castle in Iwakuni (岩国市):

Iwakuni (岩国城).
Built 1962.
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691-16 Nasukarasuyama

Ruin in Nasukarasuyama (那須烏山市):

Karasuyama castle (烏山城址).
Built 1418. Approx. 30.000 stones.
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421 Toba

Ruin in Toba (鳥羽市):

Toba castle (鳥羽城跡).
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765 Wakayama

Castle in Wakayama (和歌山市):

Wakayama castle (和歌山城).
Built 1958. Approx. 555.000 stones.
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021 Komaki

Castle in Komaki (小牧市):

Mt. Komaki castle (小牧山城).
Built 1563.
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