• 092 Kamogawa

    See the sun rise in Kamogawa

    Discover the maritime environment in Kamogawa Seaworld

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  • 302 Omitama

    Way station to the sky, what's this?

    In Omitama you will exactly learn it

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  • 691 Nasukarasuyama

    Enjoy 600 year old castle ruins with a selection of Sake – Nasukarasuyama

    Investors can expect considerable funding for the construction of industrial plants.

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  • 087 Sodegaura

    Sodegaura is colourful in summer

    German Village Tokyo, a touch of home

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  • 279 Takahagi

    Takahagi. White rocks by the sea - romantic

    The Hananuki gorge in autumn foliage - adventurous

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  • 086 Yotsukaido

    In Yotsukaido the paths converge

    As it used to be, you will experience in the contact center and during the home festival

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  • 074 Togane

    Recuperation in Togane

    Hike and walk to several small lakes

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  • 098 Sanmu

    Pick your own strawberries in Sanmu

    An experience program and recreation is available along the Hasunuma coastal park

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  • 064 Choshi

    See the sea in Choshi from the hot spring

    At the eastern tip of Chiba the sunrise is impressive and the fish fresh

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  • 089 Inzai

    Hand grilled - Senbei from Inzai

    Make a stopover on the way to Tokyo Narita Airport

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