• 642 Koka

    The ninjutsu village in Koka

    Learn how to storm a castle as a ninja

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  • 484 Yamatokoriyama

    Creative! The Goldfish phone booth

    Yamatokoriyama is a goldfish town with charming castle ruins

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  • 264 Asago

    In Asago is the Macchu Picchu of the Far East

    The Takeda castle ruin hovering above the clouds. Float up with it?

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  • 404 Miyazu

    One of the three most scenic spots in Japan

    View in Miyazu how the dragon is flying to heaven - Amanohashidate

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  • 768 Gobo

    Have you seen the Temple District of Gobo?

    Learn about the possibilities of renewable energy in the eco-park

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  • 411 Kyotango

    Sanin-coast and geopark

    Kyotango attracts visitors with 15 saltwater swimming pools

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  • 413 Kizugawa

    Almost a thousand years of History in Kizugawa

    The Joruri-temple is one of the imposing buildings in the region

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  • 575 Kashiwara

    Participate in Kashiwara in the vintage

    Here are fresh grapes and wine-Castella a delicacy

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  • 769 Arida

    The Arida river mouth characterizes the Arida city appearance

    Fresh mandarins are especially delicious.

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  • 409 Yawata

    Cross the Kozuya-bridge. In Yawata.

    The hachimangu is a top attraction.

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