• 391 Yamaga

    The Yamaga lantern

    1000 women dance in Yamaga with headlights

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  • 520 Tsukumi

    Tsukumi - play with the dophins.

    An experience for the small and the tall.

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  • 394 Kami-Amakusa

    Dolphin cruising in the Yatsushiro-sea

    Island hopping and moutain view in Kami-Amakusa

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  • 552 Miyakojima

    Blue White beaches and Tropical feeling

    Miyakojima is a flower and island paradise

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  • 521 Taketa

    Taketa – Carbonated spring No. 1 in Japan

    The healing water unites with sister city “Bad Krozingen” in Germany.

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  • 522 Bungotakada

    Bungotakada – many hundreds of years old buildings. The Fuki-ji pagoda is more than thousand years old.

    With fresh soba, founders may inform themselves about the open space for industry in Kanaedai

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  • 389 Minamata

    Minamata - a city full of vitality

    On the beach, in the rose garden, at festivals - Well-being and economic success of the city go hand in hand.

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  • 594 Ureshino

    Ureshino – first walk through the tea orchards, then relax in Onsen.

    Would you like to enjoy a tea-flavoured hot spring?

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  • 474 Iki

    Iki - the place of origin of Shintoism

    Harunotsuji and dream beaches attract many visitors every year

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  • 472 Omura

    Overlook the Omura bay from Omura park

    Quickly accessible from Nagasaki Airport

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