Kinokawa, City in Japan

General Information about Kinokawa

Kinokawa (Kinokawa) is a middle town within Wakayama prefecture in the Kinki region. Sister city of Kinokawa is Seogwipo in South Korea.

You can easily reach the suburbs of Kinokawa by local rail services in 9 stations. Approx. 1.881.992 travelers are here annually on the rails.

Famous persons connected with Kinokawa are Seishu Hanaoka (1760 - 1835), Hoshi Saigyo (1118 - 1190) and Ryumon Yasuda (1891 - 1965).

Travel tips for Kinokawa


Top Kinokawa destinations for your sightseeing are the Wakayama-railways station Kishi (和歌山電鐵貴志駅) throughout the year, the Kokawa-temple (粉河寺) throughout the year and Mt. Yuri Gelände (百合山ゲレンデ) throughout the year.

Culture and History

Cultural roots make Kinokawa tourism particularly attractive. National heritage respectively national treasure are the Paper-coloured genesis of Kokawa-temple (紙本著色粉河寺縁起) and the Palanquin with lacquer painting, nacre and gilt bronze (沃懸地螺鈿金銅装神輿).

The oldest building in the city was constructed in the year 1462 and is named Tomobuchi-Hachiman-shrine main hall (鞆淵八幡神社本殿).

Hot spring

If you want to take a hot bath in Kinokawa, the spa Jinzu (神通温泉) brings you relaxation. The address: Jinzu 150-1 (神通150-1).


You want to eat well and enjoy a drink in Kinokawa? Fruits-Sushi (フルーツ寿司) is recommended by locals.Chikara-Sushi (力寿し) in Kokawa 10-6 (粉河10-6) is popular. Another recommendation for gourmets: Jako-Sushi (Sushi with small fish) (じゃこ寿司). Jugemu (じゅげむ) offer this. Where? In Momoyama-cho Moto 328 (桃山町元328).


Do you already own a souvenir from Kinokawa? You could buy for example the Kinzan-temple miso, available in the Kanii souvenir shop.

Flowers and Foliage

Discover the cherry blossom in Kinokawa from 04/01 to 04/10, best in the Mt. Yuri summit (百合山山頂). A feeling of summer freshness brings the lotus blossom from 06/21 to 07/31, to view in the Hiraike green-park (平池緑地公園). To mention in Kinokawa is the Plum in flower, which you can see in Togen-kyo (桃源郷) from 03/21 to 04/10.

Economy and Industry in Kinokawa

Successful Companies

A functioning local economy can set many impulses for the region. Particularly encouraging is the fact that Haguruma K.K. and Otaka Rubber Industry Co., Ltd. belong to the top companies in Kinokawa. Haguruma K.K. is in the field of Processed agricultural goods, Otaka Rubber Industry Co., Ltd. in the sector Industrial rubber roll manufacturing.