07 Top Highlight
Top sightseeing: Jindai temple (jap. 深大寺), throughout the year
08 Top Highlight
Top sightseeing: Metropolitan Botanical Park of ancient times (jap. 都立神代植物公園), throughout the year
09 Top Highlight
Top sightseeing: Memorial hall of Mushanokoji Saneatsu (jap. 武者小路実篤記念館), throughout the year
10 Pflaumenblüte
Plum blossom in: Metropolitan Botanical Park of ancient times (jap. 都立神代植物公園), 03/01 to 03/10
11 Kirschblüte
Cherry blossom in: Metropolitan Botanical Park of ancient times (jap. 都立神代植物公園), 04/01 to 04/10
13 Herbstlaub
Autumn leaves in: Jindai temple (jap. 深大寺), 11/11 to 11/20
14 Andere Blüte
Wisteria in flower: Kokuryo shrine (jap. 國領神社), 11/11 to 11/20
15 Souvenir
Souvenir: Chofu vegetable curry (jap. 調布野菜カレー) Where? JA Mines (JAマインズ)
21 Feuerwerk
Fireworks: Film city Chofu "Summer" fireworks (jap. 映画のまち調布「夏」花火). 8.500 rockets. Where? Tama riverbeds (多摩川河川敷).
27 Weitere Besichtigung
Highlight: Film city Chofu (jap. 映画のまち調布). Experience: Monuments of film actors.
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Chofu, City in Japan

General Information about Chofu

Chofu (Chofu) is a city within Tokyo prefecture in the Kantō region.

You can travel directly to Chofu via an airport. You can easily reach the suburbs of Chofu by local rail services in 9 stations.

Famous persons connected with Chofu are Shigeru Mura (1922 - 2015), Kiyoshi Nakahata (born 1954) and Junji Takada (born 1947).

Travel tips for Chofu


Top Chofu destinations for your sightseeing are the Jindai temple (深大寺) throughout the year, the Metropolitan Botanical Park of ancient times (都立神代植物公園) throughout the year and the Memorial hall of Mushanokoji Saneatsu (武者小路実篤記念館) throughout the year.

The Film city Chofu (映画のまち調布), another great attraction where you can experience Monuments of film actors (映画俳優の碑がある). Another experience is the Jindai temple Wameguri (深大寺和めぐり). Of interest here discover the "Wa" (「和」の体験ができる).


Do you want to see fireworks in Chofu? The Film city Chofu "Summer" fireworks (映画のまち調布「夏」花火) with 8.500 rockets is popular. You can best watch from the Tama riverbeds.

Hot spring

If you want to take a hot bath in Chofu, the spa Jindai temple natural hot spring "Yumori-no-Sato" (深大寺天然温泉 湯守の里) brings you relaxation and is also good for Stiffness. The address: Jindai jimoto-machi 2-12-2 (深大寺元町2-12-2). Another hot spring here is Natural hot spring "Sengawa Yukemuri-no-Sato" (天然温泉 仙川湯けむりの里). Go to Wakaba-cho 2-11-2 (若葉町2-11-2) for this.


You want to eat well and enjoy a drink in Chofu? The Jindai Soba (buckwheat noodles) (深大寺そば) is recommended by locals. Another recommendation for gourmets: The Dekamori gourmet (Giant servings) (デカ盛りグルメ).


Do you already own a souvenir from Chofu? You could buy for example the Chofu vegetable curry, available in JA Mines.

Flowers and Foliage

The plum flowers from 03/01 to 03/10 and is the most beautiful in the Metropolitan Botanical Park of ancient times (都立神代植物公園). Discover the cherry blossom in Chofu from 04/01 to 04/10, best in the Metropolitan Botanical Park of ancient times (都立神代植物公園). A feeling of summer freshness brings the lotus blossom from 08/01 to 08/10, to view in the Saiko temple (西光寺). The maple trees changing colour in Chofu is the highlight in the romantic autumn. Discover in the Jindai temple (深大寺), how the leaves turn from golden yellow to shining red. Start is around the 11/11 and the foliage lasts until 11/20. To mention in Chofu is the Wisteria in flower, which you can see in the Kokuryo shrine (國領神社) from 04/21 to 04/30.